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At Pillars Of Wellness, we offer wellness coaching services to help leaders achieve their full potential. We provide guidance and support to help you stay calm under pressure and operate at your peak performance levels.

Clear Your Thoughts, Create Better Outcomes

With clarity, leadership stresses are easily alleviated as you find yourself equipped with the tools that help you focus on your overall intentions.

As a result, your leadership responsibilities become more manageable in creating outcomes that serve everyone involved.

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Melissa is an expert wellness coach who empowers busy executives and leaders to take control of the chaos that can overwhelm them.

To ensure clients receive the most up-to-date models for changing behaviour, Melissa delivers training, modelled from leading experts on the science of achieving mental clarity and success.

Peaceful Success

Through her deep understanding of mindset mastery, Melissa assists her clients in letting go of their personal challenges so they may find the peace they need to move forward in enhancing their lives.

Pillars Of Wellness works closely with CEOs and senior leadership teams. With guidance these leaders are able to eliminate the blockages that stand in their way, enabling them to move forward towards a place where goals are attainable both professionally & personally.

Melissa Ryan, CEO Pillars of Wellness

A Leader in the Art of Work-Life Balance

Melissa has created an art of simplifying the science of mental performance in order to provide training for her clients that is easy for them to implement.

Through working with her, Melissa is able to help them see the amazing transformation that results from their work together.

Our Service Comes From
A Place Of Understanding

We provide leadership development programs designed to clear the mind, improve strategic thinking, and improve leadership skills.

At Pillars Of Wellness, our sessions meet the individual needs of each leader. Our innovative delivery methods give us a unique edge that helps our leaders succeed in their roles and build upon their newly acquired knowledge to create a future for themselves that was not visible to them before.

Leadership Development

& Wellness Coaching

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Leadership stress can be a debilitating issue, often resulting in fatigue, burnout, and depression.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. By introducing conscious change management and reprogramming unconscious blocks that often cause such states of chronic stress, we can begin to transform negative thought patterns and response mechanisms for the better.

This process should involve actively taking stock of our emotional state on a daily basis and making an effort to clear the mind by taking thoughtful breaks throughout the day.

Through this mindful approach, leadership stress can be reduced significantly - allowing us to take our leadership skills to a whole new level.


As your businesses grows, innovation is key for progress. When embarking on new projects, it is essential that growth is balanced against potential blockages within a company's culture.

This balance requires innovation not only in the business itself but also in its teams and skill sets.

A positive and unified outlook promotes growth while creating an environment where each team member helps the other succeed. Everyone succeeds in a unified way with no-one left behind.

It should always remain a priority to remind team members to lift each other up along their journeys since they are all undergoing various challenges.


As an esteemed leader, you are often required to think outside the box so that you can unlock solutions when traditional methods prove ineffective.

Our mastermind collaboration creates an environment of support and mentorship that helps in empowering leaders to discover innovative solutions. This enables our members to tackle challenges with confidence through having a clear vision of the outcome.

By part-taking in an interactive mastermind you can gain invaluable insights from hearing about how other high-performing professionals manage their responsibilities, and in helping you stay at the top of your game.

Lawrence Peteruzzelli

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an executive coach worth the investment?

Making an investment in executive coaching can be a smart move for those looking to increase their efficiency and get the most out of their workflows. They help you change your thinking, improve your mindset and as a result, improve your income.

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What can I hope to gain from having an executive coach?

Executive coaches can help you to define the problems that create the roadblocks in your business. Their professional help can make positive differences to your mindset and increase your potential.

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Are executive coaches expensive?

When you invest for an executive coach at Pillars Of Wellness, you are making an investment in yourself and in your business. The expense that you pay can be redeemed through further growth in your business and a better work-life balance that keeps your energy and health in tact.

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